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Awesome tRPC Collection

A collection of resources on tRPC.

Please edit this page and add your own links! 🙏

🧩 Extensions & community add-ons

tRPC Playground - sandbox for testing tRPC queries in the browser
tRPC-SvelteKit - SvelteKit tRPC extension
tRPC-OpenAPI - OpenAPI & REST support for your tRPC routers
Create tRPC App - Create tRPC-powered apps with one command
Prisma tRPC Generator - Prisma 2+ generator to emit fully implemented tRPC routers
useTRPC - Vue 3 composables
tRPC-nuxt - Nuxt 3 module
tRPC-SWR - SWR wrapper
tRPC Shield - tRPC permissions as another layer of abstraction!
@h4ad/serverless-adapter - Connect tRPC with AWS SQS, AWS API Gateway, and many more event sources.
create-t3-app - Scaffold a starter project using the T3 Stack (Next.js, tRPC, Tailwind CSS, Prisma)
tRPC + Next.js + GraphQL Codegen Shopify App template
tRPC-uWebSockets - Adapter for uWebSockets.js server
tRPC-Remix - Adapter for Remix
jotai-trpc - Jotai wrapper around tRPC vanilla client
tRPC Client Devtools browser extension
Create JD App - Create T3 App For Solid
tRPC-Chrome - Web extensions messaging support for tRPC
tRPC Client For SolidJS W/ Solid Query
tRPC API Handler For SolidStart
tRPC - iron-session
trpc-koa-adapter - tRPC adapter for Koa server

🍀 Starting points, example projects, etc

Recommended: Starter project with Prisma, Next.js, tRPC, E2E-testing
create-t3-turbo - Clean and simple starter repo using the T3 Stack along with Expo React Native
create-t3-app - Scaffold a starter project using the T3 Stack (Next.js, tRPC, Tailwind CSS, Prisma)
WebSockets Starter Project
tRPC Kitchen Sink - A collection of tRPC usage patterns.
Turborepo + Expo + tRPC Starter
tRPC in a Cloudflare Worker
tRPC on Commerce Cloud Managed Runtime
tRPC-SvelteKit Example Application
tRPC + Rakkas (Vite framework)
tRPC + Ultra
Nx Monorepo + tRPC + Prisma
NX + tRPC + Prisma + NextJS + Expo
NX + tRPC + EdgeDB + NextJS + Expo
tRPC (w/ Fetch Adapter) + SvelteKit + Tailwind CSS
Astro-tRPC example app
SolidStart JWT Authentication
With Ethereum tRPC + ViteJS React

🏁 Open-source projects using tRPC

DescriptionLink - Scheduling infrastructure
SST - A framework that makes it easy to build serverless apps.
Beam - A simple message board for your organization or project.
Rallly - Self-hostable doodle poll alternative.

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