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Version: 11.x

Testimonials / Love

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We built a nextjs website with trpc and it has worked wonderful πŸ™Œ [...]

β€” cNille Aug 11, 2021

Hi - have just started using trpc and it is πŸ‘Œ [...]

β€” mmkal July 22, 2021

Hey @KATT - love the approach you have taken with this. Proper type sharing in Next.js projects is something I have been trying to achieve for a while and your solution here ticks all the boxes. [...]

β€” dangreaves June 2, 2021

First of all I want to say thank you very much for making this library! I was already looking for a library like this for quite some time. [...]

β€” simonedelmann May 17, 2021

Hi there, thanks for this library! I'm checking it out and appreciate how it feels like a much more lightweight approach to my typical Prisma-Nexus-Apollo-GQL Codegen stack. [...]

β€” lostfictions June 24, 2021

Thank you for the quick fix and the amazing project πŸ’―

β€” mgranderath May 3, 2021